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The Process For Conducting Olympiads

All the Olympiads will be conducted in your school on scheduled dates with the question papers and other relevant materials sent to your school by us. There will be question paper cum answer sheets for class 1st & 2nd and OMR answer sheets for 3rd to 12th. Only blue or black ball pens should be used.

The 2nd level will be pertaining to Mathematics, Science, English and Computer Science Only. All other subjects will have only one level of exam. The 2nd level examination will be conducted for 6th to 12th classes only in the month of February 2019 and the following prizes will be awarded to the toppers of 2nd level Olympiad exam, as per the details given bellow:

Examination Pattern

The 2nd level exam will be conducted in Delhi in the month of February next year and the following prizes will be awarded to the toppers, 6th to 12th only and No. 1 Olympiad Rank only.

  • There will be 40 multiple choice questions (MCQ) to be solved in 60 minutes. Classes 1st and 2nd will have to mark their answers on question paper-cum-answer sheets.
  • There will be 50 MCQ type questions to be solved in 60 minutes on OMR Answer Sheet. Use Blue/Black ball pen only.
  • Invigilator is required to mention the time consumed by a participant on question paper-cumanswer sheets as well as OMR Sheets which will help us to decide a winner in case of a tie-up.