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Global G. K. Olympiad (GGO, Class 1st To 12th):

General Knowledge as a subject may not appeal a student from the very beginning but in every competition, without having proper knowledge in this subject a student can not score very high in future competitions. Even if after school, a student gets a good job or admission in a university for a good course, without G.K. nobody can succeed without sound knowledge of this subject. GCS prepares students from the very beginning so that the future is secured for a student in various fields of life.

Exam Dates
Last Registration Date Exam Date
05-Oct-19 13-Nov-19
01-Nov-19 06-Dec-19
Examination Pattern

  • There will be 40 multiple choice questions (MCQ) to be solved in 60 minutes. Classes 1st and 2nd will have to mark their answers on question paper-cum-answer sheets.

  • There will be 50 MCQ type questions to be solved in 60 minutes on OMR Answer Sheet. use Blue/Black ball pen only.

  • Unit-I Our Surroundings, Our Dresses, Family and Relations, Domestic Animals, Wild Animals, Our Country,
    Unit-II: Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Festivals, Indian Dances,
    Unit-III: Indian Personalities, Festivals and Places of Worship, Water Animals, Our Helpers, Our Sense Organs, Unit IV, Parts of Body, Indian Players, Means of Transport, Buildings and Monuments, Indoor and Outdoor Games
    Unit-V: Our Leaders, Mixed Question & Answer, Cities & Rivers, Important Days, Tourist Places

  • Unit-I: Our Surroundings, Parts of Plants, Use of Plants |Our Body, Home of Animals,
    Unit-II: Sound of Animals Sports, My Country, Insects, Common Birds,
    Unit-III: Games, People of the World, Dresses of India, Seasons, Personalities (India & World)
    Unit-IV: Important Day, Books and Authors, The Universe, Food of Animals, National, Religious and Family Festivals,
    Unit-V: Abbreviations, Film Industries, Sports- Players, People and their Profession, Current Affairs

  • Unit-I: Our Neighboring Countries, Great Moments, Different Games, Religious Places in India, Music and Dance
    Unit-II: Sports, Continents and Oceans, Indian Personalities, About Insects, Books and Authors
    Unit-III: Historical Buildings and Monuments, People and Places, Great Personality of India, Sports, Famous places of the World
    Unit-IV: Places in India, Means of Livelihood, Our Solar System, Abbreviation, National Symbols
    Unit-V: Tallest, Biggest, Greatest, Inventions, Flags of Various Countries, Great Women of India, Current Affairs

  • Unit-I: States and its Capitals, Country and its Capital, Our Neighboring Countries, Great Monuments, Different Types of Sports and Major Sporting Events, Inventions & Inventors,
    Unit-II: Religious Places in India, Types of Dances, Inside our Body, Continents and Oceans, Actors and Actressesbr
    Unit-III: Famous Authors and their Books Indian Monuments, Places and People of India, Great Personality of India, Sports,br
    Unit-IV: The Animal Family, Famous Sites of the World, Different Types of Professionsbr
    Unit-V: Famous Sports and Sports Person, Our Universe, Abbreviations, Religion, Current Affairsbr />

  • Unit-I: State and its Capital, Country and its Capital, Persons Associated with Sports, Religious Place and its Importance, Rivers, Cities and Countries, Famous Buildings of the World
    Unit-II, Countries and its Capitals, Flag of Various Countries, Major Inventions and Discoveries, Major Mountain Chains of the World, Famous Authors, Religions of the World
    Unit-III: Inventors, Women in Cinema, Dams and Waterways Major Sporting Events
    Unit-IV: Hill Stations, First in India and World, Books and Authors, Famous Personalities of the World, Longest in India
    Unit-V: Airports and Airlines, Deserts and Plateaus of the World, Famous Institutions Sanctuaries and Parks, Abbreviation

  • Unit-I: Features of India, Books and Authors, India and its History, Art and Artist, First in India, Freedom, Struggle
    Unit-II: Awards and Honors, Freedom Fighters of India, Important Dates, Around the World, Biggest in the World
    Unit-III: Places of e World, Abbreviations, U.N.O & Its Agencies, First in Space, Largest, Longest, Highest
    Unit-IV: Our Constitution, Indian Railways & Airways, National Symbols, Nations, Currency, Flag, Historical Buildings and Monuments in India
    Unit-V: Major Rivers of the world, Highest Honors of Various Countries, Discoveries and Inventions, National Award, Current Affair

  • Unit-I: Dates and Events (World), Books & Authors, Indian Politics, Abbreviation
    Unit-II: First in India, Nick Names, My Country, Important Books, Important Places of India
    Unit-III: Festival of India, Indian Personalities, First in India, Important Dates in History, Important Years & Dates, Freedom Struggle
    Unit-IV: Film, Invention & Discoveries I Sports- Terms & Measurement, Our Universe
    Unit-V: Parliament & State Assemblies, Slogans, Old and New names, Our Constitution, Current Affairs

  • Unit-I: Solar System I Important Dates, Abbreviations, Inventions & Discoveries
    Unit-II: U.N.O, NAM, SAARC, Major Ports of India/Hill Stations, Foreign Policy of India,
    Unit-III: Books and Authors, National Parks and Games Sanctuaries, Major Airports of India, Cities and Rivers, Atomic Research Centers in India
    Unit-IV: Indian Constitution, Dates and Events, Battles and Wars, World War I & II, Buddhism and Jainism
    Unit-V: National Flag, National Animal, Bird, Flower, Symbols, India & its Neighboring Countries, Parliament, Current Affairs

  • Unit-I: Constitution/Fundamental Rights, Democracy, Parliament, Judiciary in India & World, Election in India
    Unit-II: French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Rise of Hitler, The Story of Cricket, UNO and its, Agencies
    Unit-III: Famous Sites/ Major Ports of India, Towns and Places, National Parks, Important Rivers, Names of Parliament
    Unit-IV: Currencies, Inventions and Discoveries, U.N.O and its Agencies, SAARC, National & International Awards
    Unit-V: Sectors of Indian Economy, National Freedom Movement, Multi Purpose River- Valley Project, Money and Banking, Current Affairs, Major Stock Exchanges of the World

  • Unit-I: Democracy, Economic Development/Planning, Globalization, Money & Credit, Consumer Awareness, Major Stock Exchanges of the World
    Unit-II: Constitution, President/Vice President/Parliament, National Freedom Movement, Human Right, Public Service Commission
    Unit-III: U.N.O & its Agencies, Indian Town Associated with Industries, Important Day and Year, Human Diet, vitamins, Balance diet, Awards and Honors
    Unit-IV: Sports, Science, History & Geography, India's Relation with its Neighboring Countries, Medical Equipments
    Unit-V: National Highways, First in India & World Railways & Banking, Five Year Planning & Economic Policy, Current Affairs

  • Current affairs, Movements, War history, Dance & Musical Instruments, Awards, Honours and Prizes, Important Cities, Geography, Cultural heritage, Places, Important Buildings of the world, Representatives of India, Religions of the world, physics, chemistry, economics, Political science & history, Sports Terms.

  • Representatives of India, Cultural heritage, Awards, Current affairs, Important Cities, Cultural heritage, Places, Important Buildings of the world, Honours and Prizes, Cultural heritage, Representatives of India, Religions of the world, movements, War history, Political science & history, Dance & Musical Instruments, Sports Terms, Topics related to physics, Chemistry, Geography, economics, Political science & history.