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This is a great initiative taken by the government to empower the women Indian citizens with lots of impetus given to the education of the opposite sex in our country to bring them at par and beyond against their male counterparts of our country. At the same time, female foeticide is very rampant in India, particularly in some north Indian states leading to a much discriminated male-female ratio in our country. The implification has gone to such an extent that now-a-days, for some states, it has become a herculean task to find a bride for marriage. TO overcome this situation, women empowerment is the only way out and to achieve this, education of female is urgently required. All the government is trying to do its best, but as a citizen of India, it is everyone responsibility to do something for women’s education in our country. As per the census of 2011 conducted by the government of India, the disparity is not very big in a state like Kerala where about 92% of the women are literate. However, in reality, in many states, the picture is quite grim. Along with the state, we will have to create awareness among our people about the whole subject of women empowerment by taking initiative from the very ground level and a door-to-door campaign can do the trick and bring substantial betterment in the lives of our women.