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Global Maths Olympiad (GMO, Class 1st To 12th):

Mathematics is a subject without which a student cannot even think to excel in future competitions. Being a main-stream subject, this exam can give a student an extra edge in any future competition. However, for most of the students, there is an air of fear as most of the students feel that it will be very difficult to score high in mathematics whereas it is just the opposite as, if a student can correctly solve a mathematical problem then she/he gets maximum marks and if this subject is taken as fun then there are many ways to solve mathematical problems. GCS Olympiads will teach a student through the MCQ format the easiest way to score better in this subject.

Exam Dates
Last Registration Date Exam Date
05-Oct-19 20-Nov-19
01-Nov-19 13-Dec-19
Examination Pattern

  • There will be 40 multiple choice questions (MCQ) to be solved in 60 minutes. Classes 1st and 2nd will have to mark their answers on question paper-cum-answer sheets.

  • There will be 50 MCQ type questions to be solved in 60 minutes on OMR Answer Sheet. use Blue/Black ball pen only.

  • Addition up to 10, Subtraction 1 to 10,Number Sense, Back and Forth counting, More addition and subtraction, Number up to 50, Shapes and Pattern, Measurement, Time, Money, Data handling

  • Addition of 2 digit numbers, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Basic, Measurement, Number and numeration, Time, Money, Measurement, Data handling

  • Addition, Subtraction, Division, Fraction, Money, Geometry, Measurement, Numbers and Numeration, Time, Patterns, Data handling

  • Large Number, Addition and subtraction, Roman numbers, Multiplication and Division, Factors and multiples, Fraction, decimals form, Money, Time, Measurement, Geometry, Perimeter and area, Data handling

  • Number and numeration, Roman numbers, Operation involving large numbers, Simple fraction, HCF and LCM, Fraction, Unitary method, Profit and loss, Percentages, Speed distance and time, Geometry, Perimeter, area and volume, Data handling, Time and temperature

  • Knowing our numbers, Whole numbers, Playing with numbers, Geometric concepts, Integers, Fraction, Decimals, Algebra, Ratio proportion and unitary method, Mensuration, Symmetry, Construction, Data handling

  • Knowing our number, Fraction, Decimals, Rational numbers, Exponents and powers, Algebraic expression, Linear equation in one variable, Percentage and its application, Lines and angles, Properties of triangles, Congruence of triangle, Construction, Perimeter and area, Data handling

  • Rational numbers, Exponents and powers, Playing with number, Algebraic expressions and special products, Fractionation, Linear equation, Percentage and its application, Variation and direct and inverse proportions, Time and work, Quadrilaterals, Construction of quadrilaterals, Area of a trapezium and a polygon, Volume and surface area of solids, Data handling, Graphs

  • Number system, Algebra, Introduction to Euclid's Geometry, Co-ordinate geometry, Lines and angles, Triangles, Heron's formula,

  • Lines equations in two variable, Quadrilaterals, Area of parallelogram and triangles, Circles, Constructions, Surface area and volumes, Statistics, Probability

  • Number system, Poly nominal, Pair of lines equations in two variables, Trigonometry, Similar triangles, Statistics,

  • Quadratic equations, Arithmetic progressions, Co-ordinate geometry, Application of trigonometry, Construction, Area related to circles, Surface area and volume, Probability

  • Sets, Relations and functions, Coordinate Geometric, Straight line, Pair of Straight line, Conic section, Basic concept about 3 dimension-(Solid geometry), Sequence and series, Complex Number. Quadratic Equation and ex-pression, Binomial theorem, Permutation and Combination, Probability, Non-Verbal Reasoning (I.Q.), Central Tendency Variance & Standard Deviation

  • Relations & functions, Binary operation, Matrix and Determinants, Continuity & Differentiability, Differentiation, Application of derivatives, Inverse trigonometric function, Indefinite & definite Integration; Application of Integral, Differential Equation, Coordinate Geometry, Solid Geometry-(St. line, Plane, Sphere), Probability, Permutation & Combination, Central Tendency, Variance & Standard Deviation; Random Variable & its distribution, Non- Verbal Reasoning (I. Q. Test)